Facility Systems Consultants, LLC  (FSC) is an expe­rienced provider of MEP services to industrial facilities. FSC has completed numerous projects for vary­ing sizes of manufacturing plants all over the country. These plants range from 45,000 square feet to 500,000+ square feet. Each industrial project is unique, involving a different degree of require­ments and specifications depending on the type of manufacturing occurring within the facility.



Green Mountain Coffee

FSC provided services for a coffee roasting, flavoring, packaging and distribution building of approximately 500,000 square feet. The project was completed in phases as a renovation to an existing shell warehouse. 90% of the MEP systems were replaced with almost 50% of ad­ditional spaces added over time. FSC was tasked with a flexible systems approach to enable rapid changes to areas of the building.


HUF Automotive Manufacturing

This  project consisted of a renovation to a manufacturing facility which used a design-build delivery method. Generally, the renovation included a 100,000 square feet automotive  plant expansion with molding, extrusion, painting, cleaning, laboratory, and packaging processes. Technical as­pects designed include 4-pipe air handlers and roof­top units with a 100-ton chiller and an automotive parts manufacturing plant with injection molding.


Local Motors Manufacturing

This project consisted of the construction of a new 45,000 square feet pre-engineered metal building for use as an administration and manufacturing facility for Lo­cal Motors in Knoxville, Tennessee. The new facility includes polymer printing assembly lines, tech labs, storage, a showroom, and sales and administrative areas. The polymer printing assembly lines include dedicated chilled water cooling and drying systems.


Paramont LTD Manufacturing

This project consisted of a design build approach for the construction of a new painting/coating process operation and warehouse facility in Fort Worth, Texas. The result was a 125,000 square feet pre-engineered metal building that includes office space, meeting/conference rooms, training rooms, restrooms, break rooms, and maintenance. Design aspects included communication, power and lighting,  fire alarm, plumbing, HVAC, and power wash/drainage systems.


Tennessee Packaging

This project consisted of the construction of a  new process and warehouse facility in Loudon County, Tennessee. The facility is within a planned industrial park adjacent to Interstate 75, and consists of an ap­proximately 160,000 square feet pre-engineered metal building. Design aspects included communication systems, power and lighting, fire alarm, sprinkler (including ESFR systems meeting Factory Mutual Guidelines), plumbing systems, HVAC systems, and trench drain­age systems.